VPA Arizona is an Arizona nonprofit dedicated to amplifying the voices of Arizonan voters through participation in the electoral processes. VPA Arizona will work to increase ballot petition efforts, voter registration and leadership development.

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"VPA Arizona envisions an Arizona where the voices of Terry Goddardour citizens are loud, proud and impossible to ignore."

- Terry Goddard

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    The Voice of the People

    Honoring Dr. King in Phoenix

    Today we honor and celebrate the life of an extraordinary man - Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King’s tireless fight for justice and civil rights has earned him a place, not only in history, but in our hearts. He was and is a beacon of hope, an inspiration for millions.


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    Opening Day

    I hope your new year is off to a great start. As you may remember, I started out 2018 with the resolution to chase political dirty money out of our state! But, I need your help to get our Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment before the voters in November. Please help by signing up here. #outlawdirtymoney

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    Advocacy nonprofit fined $31G by state

    Massachussetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Credit Angela Rowlings

    Credit: Angela Rowlings

    Gov. Charlie Baker

    An obscure nonprofit with ties to Bay State Republicans is accused of disguising more than $1.2 million in donations from businesses, wealthy advocates, and even Mitt Romney’s federal committee before funneling them toward two failed ballot questions backed by Gov. Charlie Baker, state officials disclosed yesterday.

    The group, Strong Economy for Growth, was ordered to pay a $31,000 penalty and register with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance with the agreement it would be barred from all “election-related activity” in 2018.

    The nonprofit had “an intent to influence the election,” OCPF said. It donated $990,000 to Great Schools Massachusetts, the committee that pushed a ballot question lifting the state cap on charter schools, and another $178,000 to a Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, which opposed the ballot question to legalize marijuana.

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    2018: Outlaw Dirty Money!

    Happy Happy New Year! 2018 is before us, fresh, clean, and full of promise. My New Year’s resolution (and I hope yours) will be to chase political dirty money out of our state!

    Every election, millions of dirty dollars flood Arizona from powerful people and corporations trying to buy our government. They operate in secret, hiding behind legal barriers to keep us from knowing who they are. The Dirty Money forces have damaged Arizona, weakening our public schools, degrading our environment, and driving up the cost of services.

    Let’s make 2018 the year that we secure our right to know who is funding these campaigns. Let’s put our Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment on the ballot and pass it in November.

    No question that’s a big job. It takes almost 300,000 Arizona voter signatures by June just to get on the ballot.

    2018 is our chance to end political money laundering by signing up here. With this fresh, new year, cleaning up our state begins in earnest.

    Our volunteer effort to Outlaw Dirty Money is off to a great start. Many have already volunteered to collect petition signatures, to check those signatures, or talk with their friends about Dirty Money and ask them to help.

    I hope your New Year’s Day and the year ahead are filled with joy and the satisfaction of chasing political dirty money out of Arizona.

    Join us in the fight to Outlaw Dirty Money. Together, that’s exactly what we’ll do!

    Happy 2018!

    Terry Goddard

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