About VPA Arizona

VPA Arizona is an Arizona nonprofit dedicated to amplifying the voices of Arizonan voters through participation in the electoral processes. VPA Arizona will work to increase ballot petition efforts, voter registration and leadership development.

VPA Arizona envisions an Arizona where the voices of our citizens are loud, proud and impossible to ignore.

VPA Arizona was founded by Terry Goddard, former Phoenix mayor and Arizona Attorney General. Faced with the ongoing threat of “dirty money” and its corruption of Arizona elections, Terry founded VPA Arizona to make the citizen initiative process more viable, as well as training a new generation of activists and organizers. Until that happens, the organization will fight for more honest, open elections in Arizona.

"Dirty Money" is the term used to describe money spent to influence elections, either by supporting or by attacking a candidate or a proposition, which does not disclose its original source.  Dirty Money operations use a variety of legal dodges, most significantly the tax exempt organizations formed under Section 501(c ) (4) of the IRS code, to avoid disclosure.   If disclosure is made at all (and under the proposed Arizona Law SB 1516 it is not required)  then only the most recent contributor (the dirty money organization) has to be identified.  The "dirty money" organizations all have innocuous sounding names like the Citizens for Patient Rights, the Plus 60 Association, or the Free Enterprise Club which tell the voter nothing about the true source of the money or the purposes of the organization.  The wealthy people and corporations who supplied the original cash remain unknown to those who have to make a decision at election time.

The major goal of VPA will be to outlaw dirty money by constitutional amendment which will require full disclosure of the original donors of all major contributions made to influence Arizona elections.