Can You Spare 889 Million Dollars?

We all have one vote, but do you have $889 million dollars to spend in the next election?

The Koch brothers do, and that is exactly what they plan on doing. Just last month they announced their plan to spend $889 million in the 2016 election, Nicholas Confessore with the New York Times writes. Not only is this a staggering sum of money that exceeds the budgets of either major party in America, but most of it will be dark money, money not disclosed thanks to shadow corporations and what amounts to political money laundering.

The wave of dark money for 2016 is predicted to be stronger than ever, but VPA Arizona is not backing down. As we put together the pieces for what is likely to be a citizen’s initiative, we need your help. Can you please help us stop dark money with a monthly gift of $10, $25 or $50?

Don’t let the Koch brothers buy the next election. Please, invest today in the fight to end dark money in Arizona. Together, we can shine a light on dark money and preserve our democracy.



Terry Goddard, Chair

VPA Arizona

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