Dark money is an equal opportunity destroyer. Here's how to squash it. | AZ Central

"Dark money" is an equal opportunity destroyer. It contaminates the election process for all sides — Republican, independent and Democrat.

It's not partisan at all. And it must be stopped.

Read and watch Terry Goddard's interview here: http://snip.ly/EXWk


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  • M.M. Cronin
    @MMCronin1 tweeted link to this page. 2015-04-07 14:46:58 -0700
    Terry Goddard: Dark money is an equal opportunity destroyer. Here's how to squash it. http://www.vpaarizona.org/dark_money_is_an_equal_opportunity_destroyer?recruiter_id=62470
  • Francis M Henry
    commented 2015-01-27 22:57:52 -0700
    Dark clouds over “Full Voting Rights”…

    Dark money seems to be a natural aspect of many campaigns for Democrats, Republicans, and the
    many other political parties and political action committees, etc. The issue of campaign funding is closely
    tied to freedom to campaign, freedom of speech, freedom of association,…,etc.

    The biggest issue is the dark cloud over “Full Voting Rights”…no voter in all 50 states lack the 30 rights
    of their Full Voting Rights. Lets fix this.
  • Willie willie333
    commented 2015-01-27 01:58:01 -0700
    I think requiring a candidate to report contributions within 24 hours will only favor candidates with strong accounting skills (TYPE A folk will be the only ones who will be qualified). So we’d no longer have a “representative government” unless the entire population is made up of Type A folk. The 24 hour rule could also be used as a weapon by an opponent to disqualify you if you unknowingly accept a check dated a week ago which becomes prima facie evidence that you failed to report the donation a week before you received it. If anything place the burden of reporting on the donor. Any donation above $1K from an individual or group must be reported to the SOS website within 24 hours or it is a felony with a $5k fine.
    The best way to level the playing field for candidates is to outlaw the use of t.v. and radio ads which tend to get expensive and force candidates to compete more online. Make the SOS’s office provide links to the candidate’s official webpage. Candidates should be able to sell bumper stickers, tee shirts and other political paraphenalia without incuring donation reporting requirements just like any other merchant… and pay sales tax as well. Also collecting signatures to run or for ballot initiatives should all be available online… aka expand the E-qual system to include ballot initiatives.