'Dark money' reform? In Arizona? Are you kidding? | AZ Central

So, it's Week Two of the Arizona Legislature and our leaders' priorities are quickly coming into focus.

No. 1 on the to-do list is already checked off: a graduation requirement to ensure that high school seniors can score 60 percent on a civics test that asks such penetrating questions as who was the nation's first president and who is the nation's current president.

Meanwhile, plans are underway to boost charter schools and private prisons. There are bills to make it more difficult for voters to mess with the Constitution and easier for legislators to mess with laws enacted by voters.

There are bills to make it harder for judges to retain their seats on Election Day and easier for legislators to fire the judges they don't like.

Then there are all the bills aimed at lifting the shroud on "dark money"…

Read more here: http://www.azcentral.com/story/laurieroberts/2015/01/20/dark-money-reform-arizona-legislature/22052585/


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  • Willie willie333
    commented 2015-01-27 02:10:51 -0700
    It is silly to expect legislators to do anything to upset the cart that shooed them on to greener pastures. What we need is a ballot initiative to fix the problem. We also need a ballot initiative to make it easier to get initiatives on the ballot…. like gathering signatures using the E-qual system set up on the Secretary of States website. Hard to have a grass roots ballot initiative. Just printing the needed paper petitions for 150,000 signatures has to easily run $4000. You have to really believe in your initiative to spend that kind of money. We can’t expect these legislators who are campaigning for re-election as soon as they are elected to actually be concerned about the people who got them there. Ballot initiatives are the best way to ensure the will of the people gets exercised.