Demands Emerge Broadly for Reporting on Dark Money in 2016 Elections | The Nonprofit Quarterly

NYU Law School professors Robert F. Bauer and Samuel Issacharoff took to the pages of Politico’s magazine to reinforce the need, now that the 2016 election cycle is already underway with the formal presidential campaign announcements of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Hillary Clinton, for continuing the pressure for donor disclosure in campaign financing. Their targets are “dark money” organizations, such as the 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations that are able to evade disclosure and attract what looks like will be, this time around, record amounts of big money contributions to organizations that are allegedly independent of the candidates.

“With the 2016 elections just over the horizon, the Koch brothers alone have announced a billion-dollar network,” they wrote, “and there is every indication that this massive spending without transparency will occur on both sides of the partisan divide, and among varying ideological camps as well.”

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