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The campaign to Outlaw Dirty Money needs petition signatures NOW.

The most important thing any of us can do to stop the dirty money from flooding Arizona elections is:

  • Get an Outlaw Dirty Money (ODM) petition
  • Get 10 signatures
  • Get your signature notarized (the campaign will be happy to help)
  • Turn in your petition before March

If everyone who reads this message turns in at least 10 signatures, the Outlaw Dirty Money constitutional amendment can qualifying for the November ballot. It’s that easy, you are that powerful!


Please go to so ODM can rush a petition to your door, along with some helpful hints on how to collect valid signatures.

The billionaire Koch Brothers have declared Arizona “ground zero” for their plan to take control of elections and elect candidates who will do as they’re told. Unmasking their “Dirty Money” is our last best hope of stopping them. Signature are more precious than gold!

Many thanks,


PS. Unlike some other campaigns, Outlaw Dirty Money does not use paid petition passers, volunteers are the key to success. Of course, if gathering signatures is just not an option for you, the campaign will be grateful for your contribution to help keep the lights on and the volunteers fed. Just press the donate button to get started.

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