Happy Birthday Terry!

January 29th is Terry Goddard’s birthday.  Since Kevin and I are not getting him a Tesla, we need your help to get him what he really wants - fair and clean elections here in Arizona.

As you know, he is working to Outlaw Dirty Money. To get this initiative on the ballot will take almost 300,000 signatures. This is a non-partisan issue; any registered voter can sign. In order to get enough signatures, we need your help. We have petitions ready to go. Please get one, sign it and then get 14 other folks to do the same and another full petition is done!

I have found so many folks willing to sign-friends, neighbors and family. The filing must be done by July, which means we need to get it all done and checked in June. I hope you will fill a petition as a birthday gift for Terry as soon as you can. Let’s get Terry what he really wants this year.

Our family is grateful for all your support in the past. Thank you for being willing to help again. All Arizonans will benefit from a clean and open election process. Then we can really celebrate.

If you want more information about our efforts, visit OutlawDirtyMoney.com.


Monica Goddard


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.