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To get our Anti-Dark Money proposal on the ballot in November, every Arizonan who believes dark money is evil must step up, NOW!

Our Anti-Dark Money campaign took a hit last week when a big funder from Texas pulled out. We had to stop all paid petition circulators.  But, our campaign did not stop, our volunteers kicked into high gear and we are moving forward.

Arizona voters have the right to know who is funding candidate election campaigns.
It’s that simple, it’s that important. We have the right to know who is really funding campaigns, not some phony name on a check that hides the real money source. The Anti-Dark Money initiative puts our right to know where it belongs, in our Arizona Constitution.

The Legislature is trying to make it even easier for dark money to operate here. The only way to force open and honest disclosure is if we voters take action. Our Anti-Dark Money initiative will shine a bright light on the secret funders and force them to disclose who they are.

Our Anti-Dark Money initiative campaign has been making great progress. We have already collected almost 40,000 signatures and are in a great position to qualify for the November ballot. But, to reach our 250,000 signature goal, we need your help NOW!

We need your contribution TODAY.  Go to to make a donation.  Please do it now!

We have to stop dark money now; Arizona is worth the fight,

Thank you, 

Terry Goddard

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