It's up to us, Arizona.

You may have heard the news that a major funder has demanded his contribution back and we have complied with his request. That empties out the campaign for fighting against dark money bank account and the paid signature gathering had to be suspended.

But, let’s be very clear: THE STOP DARK MONEY CAMPAIGN GOES ON! We have not stopped, we have not suspended the volunteer signature gathering, we are digging down and going forward!

This is a speed bump on the road to stopping dark money from controlling Arizona elections, it is not a dead end. With this set back, we will find out just how much we in Arizona want to take back control over our elections. We don’t need outside funding to do that!

If you have not done it already, go TODAY to the VPA website and volunteer, request a petition to pass or make a financial contribution (every bit will help!)

This is the critical moment for keeping our stop dark money campaign’s momentum going.

It's up to us, the people of Arizona, to stop Dark Money. The campaign continues, and we need volunteers more than ever to step up and sign our initiative petition.

Sign up to carry a petition today. Show that the people of Arizona will continue to fight Dark Money.

With your help, we can turn The Empire Strikes Back into A New Hope!

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