Letter: Dark money


Howard Fischer, of Capitol Media Services, helped shine the light on “dirty money” in AZ politics with his stunning article, “State utility funneling thousands into Ducey campaign.”

Regardless of party, I want to know who is donating large sums of money into a candidate’s campaign. Don’t you? If you don’t, you should. After all, big money equals influence.

Private prison corporations gave Ducey big bucks, and they got thousands more state prison beds. After all, that was the first thing added to the 2014 State Budget while Ducey was cutting education more than any other state.

Arizona Public Service (APS), according to Fischer, gave millions to attack Dem candidate Fred DuVal and help Ducey’s campaign. An unheard of amount ($3 million) was spent to elect a Corporation Commission beholden to APS. A small price to pay to get a 4-1 vote to raise rates, taking $7 million a month from customers, according to Fischer. Of course, APS assures us that the money is coming from shareholders and not from customers.

What a bunch of malarkey!

According to Fischer, J.P. Twist, who runs Ducey’s reelection effort, said, “…you’re assuming somehow donating money gives you influence in the Ducey administration which would not be accurate.”

I disagree!

Corporations never spend money to be nice. They spend millions to get billions from the state, and they are getting it.

Sign the petition that will change the Arizona Constitution to reveal who is giving what to whom.

Bob Lynne


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