As of Sept 1, Barton, an incumbent who finished second in the eight man race for four seats, had $9,048 in the bank, according to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

At the other end of the money scale was seventh place finisher Jaime Figueroa. He had just $438, the lowest amount of any candidate in the race. Last spring, at the time of his announcement, he had raised $2,610.

LaPierre isn’t exactly hurting for donations. His latest finance filing reported he had $6,895 in the bank. At the high point in June, the popular councilor had amassed $10,391.

Challenger Richard Ford, who came in sixth place in Tuesday’s preliminary election, had $4,333. Incumbent Hong Net, who finished in the top three, had $2,779 in the latest report, down from $4,261 in July.

Brian Field, who captured the coveted fourth place finish, had $2,040 on hand, down from $5,258 last spring.

John Ladd, who finished last with 930 votes, had $1,952, while Taso Nikolakopoulos, a fifth place finisher, had just $751.

The candidates have about eight weeks to raise cash before the Nov. 7 final election.


This was taken from by Thomas Grillo.