Opening Day

I hope your new year is off to a great start. As you may remember, I started out 2018 with the resolution to chase political dirty money out of our state! But, I need your help to get our Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment before the voters in November. Please help by signing up here. #outlawdirtymoney

Monday was Opening Day at the Legislature. So many state officials in one place so anxious to carry out Dirty Money agendas. We were also at the state Capitol to say NO MORE secret money funding Arizona politicians.

We gathered a lot of signatures Monday at the Capitol and at the Save Our Schools rally and march the previous Saturday.  

The Outlaw Dirty Money Campaign is gathering momentum. I want to specifically thank the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club for endorsing our campaign on Saturday

Governor Ducey, who has collected millions from undisclosed contributors, said something in his State of the State message with which we can agree. He said: “change and progress happen through the capacity of our state, and its people, to always be ahead of the curve – knocking down barriers and breaking with conformity.”

It may not be exactly what the Governor had in mind, but across Arizona citizens are breaking with conformity by signing our Outlaw Dirty Money petitions, they are breaking down the barrier of dirty political money in Arizona! 

It's time we all step up to take action,



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