Outlaw Dirty Money in Arizona politics

My sincere apologies for going so long without communicating.  Rest assured there has been a lot going on. Over the summer, we have been working hard on a new effort to stop Dirty Money in Arizona.

A lot of time and effort has gone into research and drafting the new initiative and on getting a campaign apparatus ready to circulate petitions. We are particularly fortunate that the Save Our Schools (SOS) petition drive engaged so many quality volunteers so effectively. Their success is not just an inspiration, but many SOS leaders and actives understand how dirty money is threatening public education and are ready to help.

On the campaign messaging side, you probably noticed I used the term “Dirty Money” instead of “Dark Money.” The reason is simple: The amount of anonymous campaign funding by individuals and groups trying to influence our elections has exploded. This type of spending isn’t occasional anymore – it is the rule and growing, with campaign methods that are, well, just dirty.

Yesterday, we had a spectacular response from the activists attending the ‘We The People Summit’.  They were ready to hit the streets with petitions that afternoon!  But, we have one important step before that can happen.

Before we commit to the huge task of gathering thousands of signatures, we want to be as sure as possible that we got it right. The next time you hear from me will be very soon with a draft of the initiative to look over. I hope you will help by providing your input. 

Many thanks,


For now the best way of contacting the campaign is through our Facebook site: www.facebook.com/outlawdirtymoney. Or you can send an email to: info@outlawdirtymoney.com

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