Stopping Dark Money

I was very serious during the past campaign in saying that anonymous corporate cash, commonly known as dark money, must be stopped. In my view, dark money discourages voters, corrupts our elections and threatens our democracy. Stopping dark money was at the heart of my campaign, a cause embraced by many Arizonans across party lines. That effort should continue.  

Yesterday the Arizona Legislature opened with the customary rhetoric and antics along with some serious hope that this Session will produce critically needed reforms. I spoke with many legislators, to point out that, after the way dark money corrupted the last Arizona election, driving it out of our state must be a priority.

Tomorrow and beyond, I intend to continue the fight to make transparent the original source of every dollar spent supporting or opposing candidates or propositions in Arizona. The first step is to push the Legislature to pass or at least consider meaningful disclosure provisions. I have sent over drafting points for our representatives and senators to consider. If they fail to act, these points could be the basis for a ballot initiative. I am starting now to be ready to go to the streets for signatures this summer, if necessary.  But, mounting a petition drive is a huge undertaking, one I can’t do alone.

If you share my concerns about dark money, please send me your thoughts on how we can stop it. This endeavor is very much a work in progress. I would be happy to share the points I believe should be included in any serious reform legislation. I look forward to hearing from you.


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