Shining a new light on “dark money” in Arizona, Terry Goddard starts new nonprofit

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Terry Goddard, former Phoenix mayor and Arizona Attorney General, today launched Vox Populi Association of Arizona (VPA Arizona) to fight “dark money” in Arizona. VPA Arizona will focus on making the citizen initiative process more viable, as well as training a new generation of activists and organizers. The first major goal of VPA will be to stop dark money by requiring full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures.

“Our name means ‘the voice of the people,’ so you can think of dark money as the complete opposite of everything VPA Arizona stands for,” Mr. Goddard said. “I can’t think of a more appropriate goal for this new organization than to fight against the secret political power of dark money.”

Details of how an Arizona law could require truthful disclosure of the original source of political expenditures can be found on the VPA Arizona website at Further information on the effort to end dark money can be found in this Arizona Republic op-ed:

Mr. Goddard further states, “It comes back to the central idea that what matters most is the voice of the people. That concept is basic to American democracy.”

Terry Goddard is a veteran of the United States Navy and served for eight years as Arizona’s Attorney General. Previously he was Phoenix Mayor for 6 years. During his tenure as Attorney General, Mr. Goddard focused on issues of consumer protection and combating organized crime. For his efforts, he received the Kelly Wyman Award, the highest honor given each year by the Attorneys General. 

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