Updates From the field

We are off to a very strong start against SB1516, “the Dark Money Act.”

We distributed over 2,000 petitions across the state in just two weeks. That equals 30,000 signatures, if they are all turned in! Please remember that if you signed our earlier petition against dark money which had to be halted, you can definitely sign this new petition and help us collect more signatures.

We are an all-volunteer army against the dark money forces trying to take over our elections. That means we all have a big responsibility.

We must collect 75,321 signatures by August 5th, so we need “all hands on deck.” We have no time to lose.

I am asking you to help in at least one of the following ways:

  1. Go to stopcorruptionnowaz.com or to vpaarizona.org and make a contribution, so that we can pay for printing and organizing.
  2. Go to the following link and register to tell us how you would like t help. http://goo.gl/forms/q4ztcZQr4noZhjuu2.
  3. Share this email as broadly as you can.
  4. Sign the petition to repeal SB1516
  5. Carry petitions to gather signatures in your community.

You can get petitions to sign and circulate from,

  1. VPA Arizona at 602-497-3483.
  2. The Goddard Law Office at 502 W. Roosevelt in Phoenix.
  3. Contact Bob Keiser at rpkeiser@cox.net for additional help in obtaining petitions and advice on how best to circulate them.

The only way to succeed against dark money is by working from the grass roots. You are key to that strategy.

Thank you,

Terry Goddard

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