Will you join us at the March?

This Sunday, Monica and I will join in the Women's March at the Arizona State Capitol. We will also be gathering signatures on Outlaw Dirty Money petitions. Please join us.

It's good news that so many more dynamic women are running for office across the country and here in Arizona. But no candidate, however qualified, has a fair chance as long as hidden interests are secretly influencing our elections.

The Outlaw Dirty Money petition is all about changing that. If passed by Arizona voters, we will stop undisclosed forces from manipulating Arizona elections. We need your help to get the initiative on the November ballot. Can you commit to getting a dozen signatures? Sign up today to be an official ODM volunteer at The March! #outlawdirtymoney

Last year, The Women’s March brought together over 20,000 women and their allies for a unifying day of equality and respect. This year, The March will emphasize civic participation through voting and running for office. Let's make sure that, in Arizona, everyone who runs for office has a fair chance.

Can't come but want to help? Please go to https://www.outlawdirtymoney.com/

VPA Arizona will continue to do all we can to push Dirty Money out of our elections. We are committed to not leaving our fate in the hands of a few rich and powerful. Help us by signing up at http://www.vpaarizona.org/

We hope to see you on Sunday the 21st at The March!

Monica and Terry


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